A day to remember

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.                            -Audrey Hepburn I joined NSS ( National Service Scheme) in college and attended an event in arranging books in a library. […]

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Soulful Performance

It was a tiresome and stressful day, when she came across a song which captured her attention. She closed her eyes and teleport-ed herself to different world. The world where she was free of work , stress and burden. She found herself dancing to the tunes of her heart in a grassland. This enriched her […]

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Starting point

On a peaceful day during the season of monsoons ,she stepped out of her home. She met a long lost friend of hers. Being an introvert , she was scared to start a conversation with him. Gathering all guts , she initiated a conversation. Surprisingly, she felt an invisible connection with him. She shared her […]

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An illusion!

A moonlit night it was, when the results were announced at the ground. With a heart that thumps so fast, she was searching for her name. She waited, for her call. Finally, every person with a cheerful face walked to their place of stay, except for her. She sat at the centre of the ground, […]

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Rays of the sun waking up the young girl, who pushes the screen so as to sleep more. Without the disturbance of alarms , she sleeps.  With no deadlines ,no schedules and no commitments , she wakes up with a broad smile all over her face. She steps down and sits in her lawn to […]

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An Apology

Sorry! I wanted to ask, Expressing all my guilt. It was a Herculean task. And I paved way for our split. We walked off as if nothing happened. The consequence of it was mental trauma. My vision of our future was totally darkened. I realized – life is nothing but a scripted drama. I made […]

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Moving out!

Blaring noise of trains and aeroplanes irritated her and dragged her to balcony to enjoy the beautiful sunset. She, being an artist, made a canvas of the memorable sight. Suddenly , she got a reminder that she has to leave her home. It broke her heart. She was emotionally connected to that balcony from which […]

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A thoughtful evening!

A dull evening it was , when people were returning back to their houses slowly but there was this 16 year old girl walking towards the park with a blank look. Her classmates who were playing in the park were shocked to see her for she had always found her enjoyment in the world inside […]

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A stranger to be noted.

It was a bright day, when she stepped out the class to see what the world out of the classroom is. She started walking across the corridor, while her soft hair was lifted by the wind. She saw a bench at the middle of the quadrangle surrounded by bushes. She sat there and looked above […]

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Four Walls

The world with perfectly architected living spaces. Every man with a lump-some money enjoys his individual zone. Year by year, the noise of talking reduces . Is there an emergency in the next door? No one comes with their phone . Increasing temperature pushes people to their four walls . With all amenities like internet, […]

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